CyberPower PDU20MHVIEC10AT ATS Auto Bypass Switch
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CyberPower PDU20MHVIEC10AT ATS Auto Bypass Switch

CyberPower PDU20MHVIEC10AT ATS Auto Bypass Switch

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CyberPower PDU20MHVIEC10AT provides output from a UPS unit, generator, or utility power to enable multiple connected devices in IT environments. Dual power cords can be plugged into separate power sources to provide redundancy to single-corded connected equipment. If the selected power source exceeds the desired thresholds or fails, the PDU will automatically switch to the other power source to ensure continuous operation.

The unit comes with a multifunction readout that displays real-time vitals including the current level, input voltage level, power consumption levels in amps and watts, and the IP address of network interface for easy installation.

The product includes an SNMP/HTTP card slot for adding an optional Remote Management Card. With the additional SNMP card and an IP address on the network interface, users have access to real-time monitoring of the ATS PDU. The product is also certified to be interoperable and compatible with Cisco Compatible™ network environments, which helps to achieve the best energy performance possible in the datacenter scenario.

  •     Dual Inputs
  •     Quick Transfer Time 8-12 ms (typical)
  •     Digital Real-time Load Display
  •     LED Status Indicator
  •     PowerPanel® Management Software
  •     IEC Receptacle Locking
  •     Cord Retention Tray


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