PS4 Sniper Elite III Ultimate Edition Game


PS4 Sniper Elite III Ultimate Edition Game

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Sniper Elite3 Ultimate Edition Game for PS4 - R1 DESCRIPTION: Sniper Elite III Gains a Vantage Point to Success: Sniper Elite III offers another bone shattering adventure to all game enthusiasts as it hits stores. Following the world wide success of the Sniper Elite series, Rebellion, the game’s developers, released Sniper Elite III as its latest installment. Intensified action within an enhanced sandbox style of gameplay along with outstanding innovations, Sniper Elite III sets the stage with extreme force. Bullets Hurl to Africa: Set during the heated times of World War II, follow Agent Karl Faiburne as he takes his distinct skills to North Africa and battles the Nazi regime on the plains. Examine more grounds and infiltrate enemy’s territories with the game’s enhanced sandbox style of gameplay and immersive environment. X-Ray Kill Cam: ​Overhear bones shatter and organs blow up as the bullet passes through a target’s body, witness machine tanks explode as bullet pierces through its very engines and savor the satisfaction of making that “perfect shot” made possible by the expanded version of the award winning X-Ray Kill Cam.

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