Sony MHC-V81D Tower Black Home Audio Set

Feel the party all around Get the festival experience anywhere. With 360° LIVE SOUND and light from the MHC-V81D, everyone at the party can enjoy the same high-quality sound and festival atmosphere. Experience 360° LIVE SOUND Enjoy the same high-quality sound, wherever you are in the party. 360° LIVE SOUND spreads sound in every direction, so everyone's dancing to the same beat. Angled speakers Mid and tweeter speakers direct sound over a wider area. Rear tweeters Rear tweeters ensure no loss of sound quality for any partygoers behind the speaker system. Spread sound generator The spread sound generator directs sound across the whole dancefloor, so everyone enjoys similar clarity and volume. 360° Party Light Light up every corner of the party space with a 360° Party Light, and enjoy an authentic nightclub or festival atmosphere.

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